We are moving and closing temporarily! See News and Updates below.

Good Bye Arlington

With heavy heart and sadness, we are moving out of Arlington and we'll be temporarily shutting down the roaster until we can get settled into our new home. We won't be far.  We're moving to Concord, MA (not NH) which is just 20 minutes away for more space and peaceful nature. We're excited to move but sad to leave Arlington which was our home for 9 years. Where did the time go?

Well, we just want to thank everyone for supporting our teeny, tiny operation and it's been wonderful serving our town and surrounding neighbors. We learned quite a bit and although it's been challenging having a roasting business part-time, the journey was well worth it. One thing is certain. We have a strong, albeit small coffee community and it's growing year after year as more coffee lovers recognize true, quality coffee.

This Saturday (June 4, 2020) will be our last day of roasting and we will no longer be taking orders after that. All final orders will be delivered the following Sunday or Monday. Thank you again for your awesome support and at some point we'll announce in the near future our plans to reopen. Stay connected via Instagram or Facebook or feel free to contact us anytime.


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