Profile Roasting with Roest

I would have never imagine I would ever be roasting in my home office but here I am, in my second floor home office profile roasting Ethiopia Tula Organic on a profile roaster from Roest. This little machine from Norway is amazing and a total beast! With the high quality finish and that Scandinavian design, I'm able to profile roast 100g at a time pulling out all the potential flavors from a coffee bean. This allows me to explore how light or dark I can go to find the right balance of sweetness and complexity without sacrificing too much wasted beans that I would normally do on a production roaster.

This sample/profile roaster is beautifully crafted with brushed steel and light wood giving it a minimalistic look and feel. It's full of tech with auto start and end and even has first crack detection! What?? The only manual thing I have to do is just load up the beans and dump it out of the cooling tray. They have a great web portal to follow your profile in real time and you can save all your roasts to analyze further I am just in awe of this machine. The only complaint I have is it's price though it's worth every penny. If I were to be nit-picky the documentation has some typos and spelling mistakes but that's about it. It's too early to fully assess the machine so maybe in a few months I'll revisit this somewhat light review which really wasn't my intention in the first place when I was writing this update.

If you haven't noticed, I'm obsessed with quality. I want to make sure what I'm producing and drinking will always be the best. Why the heck not? Life is too short for anything less. I'll be excessively profiling all my coffees to ensure I get the most potential out of it and do expect some exciting flavors to come. Here we go!

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