Roast Level

Is it medium roast? Or is it light? Is it dark? Roast levels are confusing as each roaster uses their own way of defining the "doneness" of their coffees. For smaller roasters, this is usually determined by sight or taste which can be either on point or extremely off. I've done it many times. I would have kept on doing it until I came across this simple device called Roast Vision from Espresso Vision which measures the color of the coffee with light beaming through it.

I read a bunch of great reviews on a Facebook coffee group so I bought it and had to try it ourfor myself. Boy am I glad I did. It's so dead simple and seems quite accurate. So accurate that I've made it our official measurement scale on all our coffees.  You can see below how it's measured from left to right which starts dark to light. Most of our coffees will be in the Medium to Med. Light range but we might get spicy one day and go into the Light area (oh boy!). We think this is a pretty good system and a great way for roasters and consumers to set expectations in a consistent manner. Any questions, let us know.

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