We specialize in premium, small batch, single origin coffees from all over the world. Our specialty coffees are locally roasted in Arlington, Massachusetts once or two times per week depending on demand and shipped out via USPS Priority mail. We offer free shipping on orders $30 or higher otherwise it's a flat $8 fee to cover the USPS fee. We also provide Local Delivery for orders within a 5 mile radius from us at a flat rate of $4 which we hand deliver ourselves. For transparency, all our coffees have a "roasted on" date and they can range from one day to three weeks from the roast date. Just remember, too fresh is a thing so you want give the coffees at least FIVE days rest for the coffee to de-gas so it does interfere with brew extraction. It sounds counter intuitive but the longer the rest, the better the flavor and consistency, up to a point. We typically like to drink our coffees within 3 months of roast date but it's perfectly OK to drink past this if you're not a frequent coffee drinker. It'll still taste great but the flavor will start to degrade over time. This is all subjective and there's no hard fast rule so just enjoy what the coffee has to offer.
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