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Brew Guide

If you ever heard of a manual pour over brewing, it's a complete game changer. You'll often see it offered in many specialty coffee shops and there's a bunch of  youtube videos floating around online. You'll immediately notice it's a manual process. In the days of automatic coffee makers and coffee pods, we traded convenience over quality.  Yes, it might take a little longer to prepare than what you're used to but the reward is definitely worth it in so many levels.  I too loved my pods back in the day but if you're like me and live the life of "kaizen" (continuous improvement), then this brewing method is for you. You just need few things to make it happen.

  • Coffee grinder
  • Coffee dripper 
  • Filtered water
  • Kitchen scale
  • Water kettle

Coffee Grinder

If I had to preach one thing for the best coffee brewing technique, it would be to grind fresh. Do not whatsoever pre-grind your coffee at the store or purchase already ground coffee! As soon as the coffee is ground, it gets stale right away and who wants that? Whenever you can, try and I mean really try to buy WHOLE BEAN and look for the "Roast on" date. If there is no "Roast on" date on the package then drink at your own risk. Better yet, choose another coffee brand that has one. There's lot's of great local roasters. Freshness is key.

Coffee Dripper

For manual pour over method, you'll need a coffee dripper to brew the coffee. We highly  recommend the Hario V60, Kalita Wave, and/or the classic Chemex. There are many more out there but these are the most popular and the OG. Don't forget to get the paper filter for them.

Filter Water

Tap water is ok but if it taste somewhat metallic or just plain off, filter water is your best bet. Filter water has less impurities and it allows for the cleanest tasting coffee. If you drink filter water, then might as well use it for coffee.

Kitchen Scale

Back in the day, I used to eye ball everything. This just led to good coffee and just ok coffee. With a scale, you can be sure it's always consistently good and you can finally use that scale for something more than once a year. At first, I thought is was a pain but like anything, you just get used to it and now I can't live without it. It does help if you get a good quality scale like the Hario Coffee scale which has a timer as well or go hardcore with Acaia Pearl scale. Best investment ever! 

Water Kettle

You can use a tea kettle but I highly recommend a gooseneck kettle for controlling that pour. You'll feel and see and taste the difference in brewing.  At this point why not complete the package. If you're making the best coffee, might as well use all the right equipment. My favorites, Bonavita Gooseneck or Fellows Stagg that's either stove top or electric. A nice-to-have is one with a temperature gauge either analog or digital.

How to Brew

I'm very visual person so rather than writing this all down, I highly recommend you do a quick search on Youtube for "manual pour over brewing". There's a bunch of high quality instructional videos who took the time and resources to teach you. In no time, you'll be an expert. Just remember, it's a process and mistakes will be made. Enjoy the ride and keep improving. Be in the moment. You can always message us if you get stuck or have  any questions. Good luck and enjoy the best cup of coffee.