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Our Story

Hi there, this is Steve. I'm a teeny-tiny, small batch, micro roaster who prefers to drink fresh and delicious single origin coffees from artisan roasters. I've been drinking this liquid gold for over 25 years now but only started really getting into specialty coffee in the past 5 years. I can still clearly remember my first cup of Ethiopia Guji Natural from a roaster in California and it was the fruitiest, crispiest, and cleanest cup of coffee I have ever tasted.  Didn't even need milk or creamer. I never knew coffee could taste like that and  never knew a cup of black coffee could cost five bucks! But like anything in life, you get what you pay for. I just didn't know there was a thing called specialty coffee since that amazing experience. I knew from that day on, I was going to go down an endless rabbit hole.

Ever wonder where your coffee came from? Who farmed it? How was it grown? What kind of bean is it? Coffee enthusiasts geek out on this stuff all the time and if you dig deeper, it's quite an amazing story from farm to cup.  So many hands touched the coffee that you're drinking and knowing the story makes the coffee so special. I sample and source green coffee beans from all over the world from Latin America to South America to East Africa to Indonesia and many amazing places in between. So many places comes with so many flavors!

We, I guess I, here at Hibbert Coffee Lab rely on two key principles. Keep it simple and make it better. That's craft. Just take something you're really passionate about and run with it. Ask questions. Figure things out. Improve. Repeat. It's the artisan way of life. Drinking coffee can be an experience if you allow it. Find a roaster near you and enjoy what coffee has to offer.